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Inner Alchemy

Inner Alchemy: 1:1 Soul/Ascension Coaching

Welcome to Inner Alchemy, a guided journey for those of you who have received the Call to return to not only discover, but to embody and live your Inner Nature, your authenticity. Inner Alchemy empowers you to do the work that is required to live in authenticity, in Truth, in Love, in Wholeness. Transformation of your consciousness, your life, your whole being, begins within.

Inner Alchemy combines healing sessions, coaching, and ceremony to ignite your healing, deepen your Soul’s Path, and teach you the Way to Walk in Beauty. You have a guiding, loving hand offering you support along the way as you journey around the medicine wheel. One of the greatest gifts is the space held while your seeds are planted, germinate, as roots deepen and as you blossom and bloom. 

Depending on where you are in your journey (is the “woo” brand new to you? Have you been on an awakening path for years? What lessons are you receiving currently?) and depending on your intentions, our sessions and ceremonies will flow uniquely. Using a culmination of Holy Fire Reiki, Ascension/Soul Coaching, Shamanic Healing & Practices, Lightwork, Meditation, Ceremony and more, each session is intuitively and divinely guided and orchestrated to honor your highest and greatest best. 

Inner Alchemy is a 1:1 Soul Healing & Ascension Coaching intensive program that can be experienced for 8 or 12 weeks, depending on your soul path, human needs, etc. The general “bones”, or structure, of what is likely included each month is as follows:

  • Luminous Reading at the beginning of the month

  • Check-in calls

  • Affirmations and empowering questions

  • Intuitive Healing Sessions

  • Healing Hike and/or Private Ceremony

  • Seat at any Inner Nature public offerings/ceremonies

  • Tools/Practices

  • Text and/or Voice Message Support

Your highest and greatest best that honors the highest good of all is always the number one priority. Spirit may change the flow/structure of your personal Inner Alchemy to best serve your needs, healing, and flowering. 

**This is an in-person offering. Virtual version available.**


Shall we take a Walk together?

"In going through the four week session of Inner Alchemy with Becca, I felt a transformation within myself that I could not have even imagined. Through the four weeks, we had four different sessions that were relevant to the issues and headspaces that I was working through. I felt as though each session led me to a different place and new steps in my journey at this time in my life. In addition to the sessions, I received empowering questions and affirmations each week that I could think about through the week and meditate on. I always felt that the questions and affirmations were very relevant and helpful to whatever I was dealing with or thinking through that week. Throughout the entire month I felt so guided and supported by Becca and never felt alone through the process. I felt comfortable to share any of my thoughts with her and always felt heard when sharing my experiences and emotions with her. I came out of this month and process more sure of myself and my spiritual journey, and in a way much more prepared for this next chapter of my life. I would highly recommend doing Inner Alchemy with Becca to anyone looking for any guidance in their journey."

Rachel B.