I AM Intikhana

Or you can call me Becca      

I am here on this Earth, our beloved Pachamama, to be a presence of Joy and Love, dream weaving the Sacred, walking hand-in-hand with Spirit, and grounding the Light into the Earth as we move through this Great Shift. I answered the mythic call – that whisper of the Soul to walk the Path of healing, of shedding, and of returning home to the Essence Self, Wholeness. It’s a continual journey around the medicine wheel – a journey of awakening, surrender, shedding, opening, growth, transformation, heart, embodiment, evolution, devotion, and love. In joyful and loving service, I guide those in the community who are choosing to answer their mythic call and journey around the medicine wheel – to evolve, heal, transcend, and embody their wholeness. As a Paq’o (healer/medicine woman/mesa carrier/shamanic practitioner), I help one restore balance, hold space for one to re-member and become their healed state, and serve as a loving guide as they walk their true path.