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Animal Reiki

Intuitive Guidance for Animals

Becca's intuition unlocked partially as a result of her work with animals, and she still immensely enjoys helping these beautiful souls. 

Beginning as a dog behaviorist, Becca loved assisting her clients learn how to improve their dog(s)' behavior without using obedience training. Even before allowing her intuition to flow as it does now, she innately understood energy and helped her clients embody a more confident and calm energy to share with their dog(s) so that the dog's behavior would improve. Always holistically minded, Becca helped her clients change their dog(s)' nutrition by eliminating harmful chemicals and toxins and switching to a diet that is more natural to the animal. Over time, Becca felt a strong draw to more, that there was a missing key to it all. 

Listening to the call, Becca discovered Animal Reiki and became a certified Reiki II practitioner in Shoden & Okuden. She since has become a certified Holy Fire Reiki Master. Her intuition and connection to her Inner Self continues to expand and thus so too does her ability to connect with and assist animals.

You can learn about what exactly Reiki is by clicking here. Many of the benefits of Reiki for humans are also seen in pets. Reiki can also improve behavior and assist with new transitions (new baby, new pet, recent rescue). Just like for humans, the potential benefits of Reiki are infinite!

Animal Reiki is shared in the comfort of your home. It ensures the most comfort and ease for your pet. You can also elect for Distance Reiki for your pet in the comfort of your home. Reiki is shared telepathically, as energy can transcend time and space.

If you have questions about what might be going on in the mind and energy field of your pet, an intuitive guidance session would be beneficial! During these sessions, we will gain clarity and understanding as to what is or has been going on with your pet and gain insight into how you can assist your pet. For more information as to what is involved with intuitive guidance sessions, click here.

Animal Intuitive Guidance Sessions are shared online via Skype or phone call. 

*DISCLAIMER: Inner work/ healing is a process. We are always evolving and growing, constantly peeling back another layer as we discover ourselves more. I do not claim that you will be ENTIRELY healed at the end of any packages and/or sessions. Reiki and Intuitive Guidance Sessions, especially when done consistently, will allow for MAJOR positive shifts and transformations; however, it is always up to the individual to heal her or his self and ascend in consciousness. As a healer and intuitive guide, my role is to joyfully influence the natural process of healing.

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