Ascension Tools

Everything in this universe is energy; all energy is vibration. As you understand Law of Attraction, you will come to find that like attracts like. To accomplish and enjoy all you desire, raising your vibration and keeping it uplifted is key. Ascension Tools are all about assisting you in raising your vibration. To raise your vibration, it is most beneficial for your focus to be on self-love and self-care. Love and care for your mind, body & spirit. Our intention at Inner Nature is to share as many potential ascension tools for you so that you may find what resonates with you and use the tools you feel drawn to in order to raise your vibration. Namaste. 

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*DISCLAIMER: Inner work, healing, and transmutation is a process. We are always evolving and growing, constantly peeling back another layer as we discover ourselves more. I do not claim that you will be ENTIRELY healed at the end of any packages and/or sessions. Reiki and Intuitive Guidance Sessions, especially when done consistently, will allow for MAJOR positive shifts and transformations; however, it is always up to the individual to heal her or his self and ascend in consciousness. As a healer and intuitive guide, my role is to hold loving, sacred space and to joyfully influence your natural process of healing.