"What you seek is seeking you." ~ Rumi

Join me throughout the week,

in-person or virtually, at the beloved

Movement Lab

Sundays 6PM ---> Floating Yoga Nidra

Tuesdays 4PM ---> Floating Meditation

Thursdays 12PM ---> Floating Meditation

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Cacao Ceremonies

Ceremony & Community are a blessing to well-being and growth in one's spiritual evolution. Sacred Cacao is a beautiful, gentle plant medicine who opens the heart and amplifies the connection to your inner being, Great Spirit, the Pachamama, and those you share in community with. 

February Cacao Ceremonies:

Full Moon Cacao Ceremony

Saturday 2/27/2021

Please visit this link for details & to sign up.

More Events Coming Spring 2021!

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*DISCLAIMER: Inner work, healing, and transmutation is a process. We are always evolving and growing, constantly peeling back another layer as we discover ourselves more. I do not claim that you will be ENTIRELY healed at the end of any packages and/or sessions. Reiki and Intuitive Guidance Sessions, especially when done consistently, will allow for MAJOR positive shifts and transformations; however, it is always up to the individual to heal her or his self and ascend in consciousness. As a healer and intuitive guide, my role is to hold loving, sacred space and to joyfully influence your natural process of healing.