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We help you:

- nourish your whole being: body, mind + soul

- connect deeply with the Earth (Pachamama)

- be full of vitality

- expand your consciousness

- empower your freedom in the Light

-empower your new beginnings aligned with your Heart's intent

- awaken to + embody your Healed State, your Wholeness, your Truth

- anchor your spirit into your heart + body

-discover, and embody, your true inner nature.

In-Person or Remote options available

All 1:1 offerings are sliding scale, within a recommended range.

Veterans, first responders, teachers + fellow healers enjoy 11% off the sliding scale range, with code FHFRTV20


"At Inner Nature, it feels as though all of the elements are conspiring to bring about joyful shift and transformation. The grounds are peaceful and inviting, which is great for group ceremonies as well as private healing sessions.

In addition to attending several community circles here, I have worked with both Becca and Geoffrey over the years to support me along my journey. Becca is incredibly intuitive, guided by cultivated wisdom, and gifted beyond measure. I always feel so much lighter after a session and leave with a greater sense of clarity. Geoffrey is equally gifted as a coach and his IFS sessions have helped me overcome internal obstacles and reach a better understanding of myself.

I am eternally grateful for these two and the space they have created together. A great place to find community, rest, heal, and reach new heights in self awareness and apprecation."

Gwenn M.
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