Healing Hikes


Healing Hikes connect you with your own divine Inner Nature out in the heart of nature.


A couple days before our departure, we will connect by phone so I can discover your intentions for your healing journey. After our call, I will intuitively design our hike to journey on together.

During our hike, I will be holding sacred space. The entire time, I will be tuned into Guides, Ascended Earth Energies, our Higher Selves, I AM Presences and other benevolent Light Beings. As conversations unfold, channeled guidance will flow in to support you. Along the hike, we will find a sit-spot. There we will share ceremonial cacao, whose heart opening medicine amplifies the healing journey. Other aspects of this healing hike may include ceremony, oracle or tarot reading, receiving an in-person guided and channeled meditation, receiving healing frequencies, activations, shamanic healing or Holy Fire Reiki... how the healing hike shall unfold is divinely guided. Each healing hike is intuitively designed specifically for you; no two sessions will be the same!

Most healing hikes will be 2-3 hours in length (not including travel time). This is a sliding scale offering - suggested fair exchange is $404-$505.