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Essential oils have the ability to support health, wellness & vitality (both physically and emotionally!). Oils can be used to balance and align the chakras, release emotional blockages, uplift emotions and spirit, alleviate physical discomforts, and much more. Any condition you may have, Becca is likely to say "There's an oil for that!".


What matters most, for adults, and especially for children and animals, is the quality and source of the oils. Many of those horrid stories of animals getting sick from oils are due to the quality.

Oils have been used since biblical times and offer natural and safe methods to improve physical, mental and emotional conditions and to support every single system in our bodies. Thank goodness, because the modern times offer constant infiltration of chemicals. The average woman will be exposed to over 300 toxins per day. 80 or so before breakfast between shampoos, soaps, skin care products and makeups. Our biggest pollutants in our homes are dryer sheets, fabric softener, air fresheners/plugins, and candles. We are literally unconsciously poisoning ourselves every day with those ingredients we can't pronounce on the labels that are in that bright blue dish soap, the cleaners used for bathrooms, kitchen and floors, processed foods and so much more. Worst of all, if its not something ingested, per the FDA, companies do not have to disclose every single ingredient used. We may think our cleaning products or skin care products or makeup are only comprised of the listed ingredients when in reality they could have a lot more harmful ingredients that we are unaware of. Health and safety data only exists for 15% of all the chemicals out there, even though so many are known to cause issues such as asthma or endocrine disruptions. Accumulation of toxins is dangerous to the body and influences the manifestations of many undesired physical and emotional conditions.

Essential oils, when grown, harvested, distilled, and bottled correctly, are a better way to avoid all those nasty elements that our bodies work so hard to detoxify from each day. In fact, many of these oils help the body dispel the chemicals that have accumulated in our systems, allowing our bodies to rejuvenate at a quicker rate. When an essential oil is true to its nature, there is nothing in there but that one oil, whether its lemon or peppermint or lavender. There are over 4 million uses for oils- including cleaning, personal care such as toothpastes or deodorants, animal care, care for your children, aromatherapy techniques and oil-infused nutritional supplements. For humans and animals, oils provide support for every single system in your body- skeletal, muscular, circulatory, endocrine, respiratory and immune. They support brain health and a healthy weight and also provide emotional and spiritual support. The possibilities are endless! You can start swapping out every single toxic product and replace it with an oil or an oil combination.

Tests have shown that oils reach the heart, liver, and thyroid in 3 seconds when inhaled; they were found in the bloodstream in 26 seconds when applied topically. Expulsion of these oils takes 3-6 hours in a normal healthy body, though it can take up to 14 hours for a body that is out of balance.

Sourcing of essential oils is monumentally important! Poorly sourced oils are the ones giving essential oils the bad name...they're the ones that are harming our systems and our pets and our children. Here's why:

In the United States, there is no rating system for essential oils. The closest we get is an FDA requirement that in order to label a bottle of essential oil "pure" or "therapeutic grade", the contents of that bottle must contain at least 5% essential oil. Just 5%...that is it!

All oils in the world fall into one of four categories- Grade A, B, C, or D.
1. Grade A is therapeutic, made from organically grown plants and distilled at low temperatures.
2. Grade B oils are food-grade, but may contain synthetics, pesticides, fertilizers, chemical extenders, or carrier oils. 
3. Grade C oils are perfume oils that often contain adulterating chemicals. They usually use solvents, for example, hexane, to gain a higher yield of oil per harvest. Solvents can be carcinogenic, and are in many store bought oils. These oils may also be diluted 80-95% with alcohol.
Grade D is called "floral" water which is aromatic only and usually a byproduct of Grade A distillation. After all the oil is separated, the leftover water is sold to companies which will fill 5% of the bottle with this by-product water, fill the rest with carriers, and call it "pure". Floral waters may have their benefits; however, they should NOT be classified as essential oils!

Grade A is the only true pure oil. Grade D is like walking into your fridge, taking a glass of orange juice and diluting is 95% before drinking it. There's hardly any benefits at all! This is why, before you purchase an oil, you want to check and see if the company grows their own plants, owns their own fields, and controls the entire process from when the plant is a seed to when it is sealed in the bottle.


This here is the reason that Becca turned to Young Living essential oils. Young Living is the only company that owns its own farms. The farms that it does not own are either partner or co-op farms that are held to the same standards. In order for Young Living to purchase a farm, or to partner with another farm, the land HAS to be virgin- meaning that never have any chemicals or pesticides been used. In order for a farm to qualify for the USDA organic label, the land has to be free from chemicals or pesticides for only three years. Those chemicals and pesticides can stay in the soil for far longer. It is comforting knowing that Young Living's essential oils come from (chemically) untouched land.  Check out Young Living's Seed to Seal program. Young Living also tests EVERY batch of oil multiple times at each farm, then at headquarters and THEN they send it out to third parties for testing. They make sure the chemical constituents are exactly as they should be for every oil. 


Becca attended Young Living's 2018 winter harvest in Idaho and experienced the Seed to Seal process. She helped lay down organic chicken poop as fertilizer. No chemicals! Additionally, for many of the plants, Young Living will use that byproduct floral water (grade D) of certain oils as a fertilizer. They reduce waste by recycling this part of the distillation process.

The major problem with a lot of other oil companies is that we do not know all that goes into the oil. Even if nothing else goes in but a carrier oil (for example coconut), but the chemical constituents are not correctly balanced, the oil would either not be able to complete the highlighted/claimed purposes or could cause damage to the body instead of benefit. Many companies broker for the oils and so they are unable to track how the seed was cultivated (were chemicals/pesticides/fertilizers used?), harvested (was the plant harvested are peak time?), distilled (high temperature that alters the chemical constituents? length of distillation?) or bottled (were any solvents, by-products, chemical extenders, carrier oils added?). Or, companies that are more local, while they may have a fantastic seed, are unable to distill in the most beneficial manner, complete proper testing or harvest at the proper times.

If you choose to give Young Living a go, you'll experience the Seed to Seal quality and the purity and potency of this magnificent ascension tool!

For further questions about essential oils, please connect with Becca! It is a joy to talk about oils and to answer any question you may have. Curious about sampling an oil? Becca is delighted to meet over coffee or tea to share information and samplings of essential oils. 

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