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Holy Fire Reiki

Ignite the powerful, healing, and gentle flow of Holy Fire Reiki to heal and uplift your mind, body, and spirit. It's time to release, feel relief, find ease, and to heal.

Mystic Wisdom

Intuitive Guidance for Inner Alchemy. Your guides, sacred allies, and Higher Self are all delighted to connect, advise and encourage you as you walk this path called Life. Are you ready to receive your soul's wisdom and align with your Path of Destiny?



Nature heals. An excursion of connection with ascended energies of Pachamama, grandmother Cacao, Holy Fire Reiki, & your Sacred Allies. Ground in healing frequencies as you journey with Becca.



& Wisdom


A dance of two powerful medicines, combining to one extended session. Feel the gentle flow of healing frequencies and receive the channeled wisdom from your Sacred Allies.


 Personalized         Guided  Meditation

A journey within. Each guided meditation is intuitively designed for you and infused with Divine healing frequencies.


Animal Reiki

A soul massage for your furry family member. The infinite benefits of Holy Fire Reiki extend to fur babies too! Help your fur baby relax and heal- mind, body & spirit.


Sacred Flame Activation

Infuse the seven sacred flames in your ascension journey. These activations help you connect deeply to the ray most relevant to your path. Activations are shared through guided meditations.




Ceremony opens a door of sacred magic where we can come face to face with our wholeness – the little self, the Higher Self, and our Healed State, all held by the loving presence of Great Spirit. Cacao, a beloved plant ally, helps us open our hearts, connect within and “do the work” to step into our wholeness, as she is gentle, nourishing, and loving. She grounds in our revelations, healing, Love and ascension.

Private Ceremonies

Ceremony is an ever-changing, living vehicle, never done the same way twice. Powerful, heart-felt & directly inspired by Spirit, linking us ever so closely to the Divine. Despacho Ceremony, Release ceremony, Cacao ceremony, Fire ceremony are all just a few examples of the type of ceremony we can connect in with.




1:1 Ascension Coaching


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