Inspiration & Abundance Await You!

Abundance of unconditional love, joy, wellness, vitality, prosperity, dreams made manifest! Abundance of inspiration that will lead you to all the delightful experiences that are the unfolding of your most fulfilling, joyful, complete Life!


Holy Fire Reiki and Intuitive Guidance Sessions are uplifting, healing co-creations full of clarity, discovery, connection, clearing, and transcendence that will help you align with and claim your True power! Let’s dive in and clear all those subconscious blocks that are causing resistance to the flow of your most joyful life! It is time to Become who you are meant to BE! You Can 


Intuitive Guidance Packages

Intuitive Guidance packages create an environment of spiritual mentorship. Sessions connect you with your guides and Higher Self. What better advice for life purpose, career, love, relationships, your spiritual path, and other aspects of your life than from the Divine You and your Spirit team?! Ask all your questions and receive answers and guidance in correspondence with your highest and greatest good. As you contemplate and act on your guidance, watch as the Universe blesses you time and time again!


By co-creating with a spiritual mentor, you will


  • Connect with your guides and your Higher Self

  • Uncover, clear, & heal blocks, traumas, and obstacles that are both within your awareness and buried within your subconscious

  • Learn to consciously create the reality of your dreams

  • Discover your Soul’s purpose in this life

  • Discover your Authentic Self and let her/him radiate!

  • Grow spiritually and awaken & unleash your powers within!

  • Manifest joy, abundance, and vitality!

  • Allow your direct connection to your guides and Higher Self to flow clearly


Choose between an Intuitive Reading, Tarot Reading or Oracle Card Reading for each session.



2 Half Hour Sessions

A beautiful and grounding term for awakening and enlightenment! That’s exactly what this package is designed for- helping you begin to ground the higher frequency energies you’ve experienced as a result of your awakening.


Your guides are delighted to connect, and to advise and encourage you as you walk this path called Life. The natural tendency of Life is Love, Peace, Beauty, Harmony, and Opulence. Are you ready to open those doors and align with your best, most fulfilling Life?




3 One Hour Sessions

As you awaken and experience the joys of the Universe, you open a door which leads to more doors to open. More depths of the Universe and this conscious understanding. However, along with the beauties of the awakened path come confusion, traumas resurfaced, limiting beliefs, and sometimes a feeling of stagnation. Clarity Package allows you to dive in further with your guides and Higher Self so that these limitations can be cleared. It’s time to allow the abundance, joy, prosperity, vitality, and clarity that IS your birthright to flow!




9 One Hour Sessions

9 sessions allow for DEEP shifts and major positive transformations! A 9 vibration is a closing number, signifying a completion of a cycle. Let’s bring the cycles of lack, fear, and trauma to a final close. Consistent inner work delivers radically uplifting, magnificent results. The completion experienced under the 9 vibration brings only joy at the gift of Life and the freedom with which to enter the next cycle unencumbered. Give yourself the gift of alignment with your Grace and Power!


Holy Fire Reiki Packages


Reiki is a special kind of Ki (Life Force Energy). It is Ki that is guided by spiritual consciousness- spiritually guided Life Force Energy. Reiki guides itself to areas within the aura, body, mind, and soul with its own wisdom to heal and uplift each individual. Reiki is powerful, yet gentle, and because it is spiritually guided, it is always beneficial and never does one harm. A session feels like a wonderful, glowing radiance. Holy Fire Reiki is noticeably more refined and comes from an even higher level of consciousness. The potential benefits of Holy Fire Reiki are infinite; here are a few, especially after multiple sessions:


  • Deep relaxation and relief of stress and anxiety- better sleep!

  • Release of worry and replacement with a profound sense of safety

  • Pain relief

  • Ease of muscle tension

  • Increase rate of recovery from injury and/or surgery & reduces side effects of medications

  • Strengthens Immune System

  • Aids in healing virtually every known illness, disease, and injury including life-threatening problems

  • Improves the effectiveness of other types of therapy

  • Accelerates the self-healing process

  • Clears the mind & improves focus

  • Energizes and balances the whole body, mind, & spirit

  • Peace of Mind & Body

  • Positive States of Consciousness & Spiritual experiences

  • Mental and Spiritual Clarity

  • Release of blocks, traumas, & limiting beliefs

  • Develops & Refines Intuition

  • Develops Self-love, compassion, kindness, confidence, vitality, enthusiasm, optimism, trust, joy, and peace


Many of these benefits are felt immediately after one session, while others are experienced after a period of Reiki sessions. Healing the mind, body, and/or soul is a process!



2 Half Hour Sessions

Ignite the powerful and gentle flow of Reiki to heal and uplift your mind, body, and spirit. A second session helps continue and invite more of the positive Reiki effects. A second session is best enjoyed within a week of the first session!




3 One Hour Sessions

Consistently allowing Reiki amplifies the benefits. More consecutive, longer sessions allow Reiki to heal and nourish your mind, body, and spirit at a deeper and more refined level. You'll begin to find yourself more relaxed, joyful, and clear-minded both on and off the Reiki table. Doors previously sealed shut begin to open with the nourishing essence of Reiki!




9 One Hour Sessions

Experiencing Reiki is one of the many paths you can take to transform your life on every level. As Reiki helps you clear and heal physical ailments, past traumas, subconscious fears, and limiting beliefs, you will easily experience the positive qualities embodied within Reiki- the essence of Reiki. These qualities transcend states of consciousness and take you up into ever more refined feelings of peace, joy, vitality, and clarity. You’ll also find yourself aligning with positive, healthy traits and habits. Are you ready to accept Reiki as a transformative path and allow Reiki to heal and guide you?



Custom Packages

Have a different idea in mind for a series of Reiki and/or Intuitive Guidance Sessions? Inner Nature is happy to co-create the perfect package just for you! Let's chat to begin!

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