Mystic Wisdom Sessions

Mystic wisdom, or intuitive guidance sessions, create an environment of connection to Spirit & clarity. During these sessions, Becca connects with your guides, Higher Self, Ascended Masters, Archangels, Animal Spirit Guides, and other high-vibration Lightbeings. What better advice for your divine purpose and other aspects of your life than from your Essence Self, your Sacred Allies, and Ascended beings?! Ask all your questions and receive answers and guidance in correspondence with your highest and greatest good. Oracle and/or Tarot cards may be incorporated into the channeled guidance. As you integrate and act on the guidance received, you'll connect deeper with your own Divine Inner Nature & experience the Universe's blessings time and time again!


Mystic wisdom sessions opens opportunities to:


  • Connect with your guides and your Higher Self

  • Uncover, clear, & heal blocks, traumas, and obstacles that are both within your awareness and buried within your subconscious

  • Learn to consciously create the reality of your dreams

  • Discover your Soul’s purpose, and walk the Path of Destiny!

  • Discover your Authentic Self and let him/her radiate!

  • Evolve and awaken your powers within!

  • Manifest joy, abundance, and vitality!

  • Allow your direct connection to your Sacred Allies & Higher Self to flow clearly

  • Receive clarity for your next steps.


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Recorded Guided Message Inspired by Single Card Reading   

Mini Tarot and/or Oracle Card Reading

30 min. Mystic Wisdom Session

1 hr. Mystic Wisdom Session