Intuitive Guidance Sessions

Intuitive Guidance sessions create an environment of spiritual mentorship. During these sessions, Becca connects you with your guides, Higher Self, Ascended Masters, Archangels, Animal Spirit Guides, and other high-vibration Lightbeings. What better advice for life purpose, career, love, relationships, your spiritual path, and other aspects of your life than from the Divine You, your Spirit team, and ascended beings?! Ask all your questions and receive answers and guidance in correspondence with your highest and greatest good. As you contemplate and act on your guidance, watch as the Universe blesses you time and time again!


By co-creating with a spiritual mentor, you will


  • Connect with your guides and your Higher Self

  • Uncover, clear, & heal blocks, traumas, and obstacles that are both within your awareness and buried within your subconscious

  • Learn to consciously create the reality of your dreams

  • Discover your Soul’s purpose in this life

  • Discover your Authentic Self and let him/her radiate!

  • Grow spiritually and awaken & unleash your powers within!

  • Manifest joy, abundance, and vitality!

  • Allow your direct connection to your guides and Higher Self to flow clearly

  • Receive clarity for your next steps



For each session, choose from an Intuitive, Tarot Card, or Oracle Card Reading. During Intuitive readings, Becca uses her intuitive gifts to receive guidance and messages for you. Channeled information will come through, and often clearing, meditation, and healing techniques are shared as well. Tarot and Oracle Card readings also answer your questions, as they are an expression of intuitive connection. Many different card spreads can intricately answer specifics of questions. The cards that come through paint a beautiful picture of guidance, providing general guidance or giving clarity for specific questions regarding situations or relationships of the past, present, or future. Connecting with and considering the information channeled to you through your reading can help you to better act in accordance with your desired manifestations and can help you connect within, to your Inner Nature. Acting upon what resonates with you will assist you in living in accordance with your highest good and greatest joy and assist you in manifesting all of your desires.

Intuitive Guidance Sessions are shared at the following locations: Nourishing Journey in Columbia, Maryland, Lake Roland Wellness Center in Mt. Washington, Baltimore and at Inner Nature's home site in Fell's Point, Baltimore. Sessions are also available online via Skype or via phone call.

*DISCLAIMER: Inner work, healing, and transmutation is a process. We are always evolving and growing, constantly peeling back another layer as we discover ourselves more. I do not claim that you will be ENTIRELY healed at the end of any packages and/or sessions. Reiki and Intuitive Guidance Sessions, especially when done consistently, will allow for MAJOR positive shifts and transformations; however, it is always up to the individual to heal her or his self and ascend in consciousness. As a healer and intuitive guide, my role is to hold loving, sacred space and to joyfully influence your natural process of healing.

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