Sacred Soul Activation Retreat

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Yachats, OR

2019 has been a MAJOR year of clearings, releases, DEEP awakenings, and big energy shifts *especially* for the Divine Feminine as we awaken and rise into our power! And to be honest, it’s caused some upheaval in all our lives! Triggers and releases right and left…one minute you’re riding on cloud 9 and the next you’re bawling over something that happened years ago! If you’re ready to put a final close to your karmic cords, to old patterns of thought and behavior that just don’t work anymore, to your limiting beliefs, to your old story…this is the retreat for you!

This will be a *powerful* weekend of intensive Holy Fire Reiki & Violet Flame healing, literally burning up all those past karmic frameworks that we have lived and transmuting them back to alignment with Source! In addition to private and group healings, meditations and workshops, the Violet Flame Activation with Becca Steinbach and Aria August will ignite your empowerment, your strength, your courage, your inner fire!



Yachats hosts a powerful, magical energy vortex, which has been pulling Ariana in for most of her life, and will magnetically imprint upon YOU, too. You’ll find the beautiful Oregon coast the perfect physical place to connect deeply with inner nature and come into alignment with your Highest Self.

Lodging is located right next to the gorgeous Pacific Ocean, where we will be working with Mother Nature’s elements, *especially* water, for clearings, activation rituals and group healings! We are breathing in new life to Nature – restoration to the vegetation! – and the Earth’s energies are ready to bless us in return!


Together, we will co-create our new reality together, manifest unconditional love and support our sisterhood based on trust, love, compassion, and affection that has and will continue to last for lifetimes! The women gathered at this retreat… we are powerful beings connected over many lives, finally all reconnecting in this lifetime to usher in a new paradigm - a new paradigm of existing, a new paradigm of love, a new paradigm of connectivity, a new paradigm of compassion, a new paradigm of purpose, a new paradigm of *everything*! We will all receive a Violet Flame Activation which will prepare us in becoming the guiding torches we truly are, to prepare for this new paradigm of existence.


Together, we will welcome in and completely align with the incoming Golden Age! Not only will you return home feeling clearer, lighter, empowered, and rejuvenated, but you will return having stepped into the new paradigm we created and fully aligned with!


Meet Your Hosts

Becca Steinbach

Becca Steinbach is an animal lover,  consciousness explorer, joy specialist, Reiki Master & intuitive guide. With Holy Fire Reiki, often combined with the Violet Flame, Becca has healed layers of traumas and physical imbalances within herself & clients. Becca  helps her clients follow their soul's true purposes & passions by releasing blocks and aligning with who they truly ARE - their Authentic Selves. Becca offers Holy Fire Reiki sessions & spiritual mentorship, helping you discover your inner nature & align with your Higher, Authentic Self. This alignment rewrites your future that consists of your dream life, created by you! 

Ariana August

Ariana August is a mom, runner, author, adventurer and lover of the PNW. Using her Neural Pattern Realignment Method, a comprehensive tool designed to target all four ‘bodies’, she has achieved lasting emotional healing for herself and clients. Ariana offers individually designed whole-life reset packages for people who are ready to BEcome all of who they are — to reclaim lost aspects of their Self, integrate hard-won lessons, and choose deeper alignment with their soul’s purpose + passion. Contact her to inquire about designing YOUR new life!

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At the Sacred Soul Activation Retreat, You Will Enjoy:

  • Lodging in a beautiful, tranquil tiny-home community that is minutes from the beautiful Pacific Ocean

  • Transportation to & from airport

  • Meals (please inform of any dietary restrictions or allergies)

  • One Personal Healing Session with Becca or Ariana

  • Discounts on any additional Personal Healing Sessions

  • Holy Fire Reiki & Violet Flame Group Healings

  • Violet Flame Activation

  • Workshops where you will learn how to infuse the I AM Presence within you, how to Flow with Source, where you will receive clear messages from your Higher Self and guides, and where you will receive specific clearings.

  • Group Meditations

  • Guided Visualizations

  • Fireside Chats

  • Personal Time to integrate, relax, release, and reset!

  • Stay tuned for any extra surprises or gifts included!


Ticket price does not include:


-Additional Personal Healing Sessions


Earlybird Price:


Your Investment


Deposit: $500

50% refundable.

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Pay your deposit & have your friend do the same. Send over an email that you have a friend joining you! Invoices will be sent for remaining balance.

Price After Earlybird: $2750

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