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Nourish your body, mind + soul with our variety of community offerings. Come, whomever you are. We welcome you with open hearts. 

Our calendar below shares our class offerings and events held here at the Soul Sanctuary, such as Songbird Vinyasa + Morning Meditation. You'll also find Open Restorative Sessions, where we welcome you to enjoy your own practice: connect with the Land, take a meditative walk along our Meandering Path or into The Spiral, post up a hammock in the Maple Grove with an enchanting book from our library, meditate under the Sacred Oak, enjoy a warming cup of tea on the shady porch, connect with other beloveds who may be present that day, practice self-led yoga under the invigorating sun, or give back by tending to the land.

Classes are sliding scale of $10-$15, unless otherwise noted. For Open Restorative Sessions we request a donation to the Soul Sanctuary of your choosing. Thank you for the reciprocity.

pre-pay for a class

pay online for our community class offerings at the soul sanctuary.
please check the class description for suggested monetary exchange (most are $10-$15)
thank you for supporting us + our partnered teachers!

thank you for joining + supporting us!

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