"What you seek is seeking you." ~ Rumi

Join me throughout the week,

in-person or virtually, at the beloved

Movement Lab

Sundays 6PM ---> Floating Yoga Nidra

Tuesdays 4PM ---> Floating Meditation

Wednesdays 6PM ---> Crystal Bowl Sound Bath

Thursdays 9:15AM ---> Meditation with the Land

                                                     at Cylburn Arboretum


Fireside Full Moon Cacao Ceremony

with Becca & Colleen

Friday 7/23/2021  7:30PM

Real Eyes Meditation Center


In sacred ceremony, sipping Grandmother Cacao, we will release into the fire what no longer serves, watch the moon rise and bathe in her illumination.


To confirm your participation in ceremony, please email me at 

Love-Offering based ceremony - suggested exchange range $33-$44

Cacao Ceremonies

Ceremony & Community are a blessing to well-being and growth in one's spiritual evolution. Sacred Cacao is a beautiful, gentle plant medicine who opens the heart and amplifies the connection to your inner being, Great Spirit, the Pachamama, and those you share in community with. 

July Cacao Ceremonies:


New Moon Cacao Ceremony

Saturday 7/10/2021  8-10AM

Lake Roland Park

Come bathe in the morning sun's rays sipping heart opener Grandmother Cacao as you welcome in a new moon cycle. July's New Moon in Cancer brings sensitive, loving, gentle and protective energy - offering time to rest, rejuvenate and nourish! The shifts taking place collectively on the planet (and perhaps for you personally, too!) right now are accelerated and intense. The water energy on this particular new moon is strong, signalling an open door to our creativity and intuition. Let's connect in and tap into the vision of our highest good, connecting with our sacred becoming. As we receive the gentle medicine of Grandmother Cacao together in community, we ground in, nourish, center, and set beautiful intentions for this new moon cycle.


Connecting with

Animal Allies Playshop

Sunday, September 26th 2:00-4:30PM

Movement Lab

In an interconnected world, signs from the Universe, the Divine, or the Soul are all around us. One of the infinite ways to connect with Great Spirit, our Earth Mother, and our own inner being is through the animal kingdom. The shaman sees the sacredness in all beings and looks to each as a teacher. Animal Allies of all kinds have medicine to share with us and lessons to teach us, an everchanging and ever flowing stream of assistance. As we open to the abundant gifts, messages and teachings from our animal guides, a path of synchronicities unfolds before us, assisting in daily activities, decisions, healing, and spiritual evolution. This workshop infuses wisdom of shamanic traditions and is an opportunity to discover animal allies and your personal totem animals and guides and learn ways to joyfully connect with these beautiful, wise beings. A gateway to the magical natural world awaits!


Community Soul

Journey Dance

Sunday, June 27th 3:00-4:15PM

Movement Lab

Infusing the art of ceremony with the bliss & freedom of ecstatic dance.


This dance is an offering to free your mind, to let your body guide you, allowing connection to the heart-centered space within you.
This is a space we will hold sacred to take a journey allowing our bodies to lead the way.
Discover a space to connect, by noticing and listening to the energetic field expanding beyond our bodies.
Where movement is the communication of connection, release, surrender, play, joy, and the bubbling spring of you. Perhaps this bubbling spring leads you to a stream, a river, an ocean.

Where you can experience an eclectic mix of music to inspire/guide your journey and perhaps connect you to buried roots within your soul.

Where there is no right or wrong in your movement and/or stillness.

Where we practice honoring ourselves, each other, and this Earth.


Morning Mini Retreats

with Colleen Kimberly Broersma & Becca Steinbach

Next date TBD

Outside (in nature) at Colleen's home in Homeland, Baltimore.

Begin your day and weekend nourishing yourself with Gentle Yoga, Guided Meditation in Savasana, and Reiki


Donation Based

Pre-registration required


Email and send your donation to Colleen to reserve your space.


Venmo: @ColleenTheSoulNourish


Foraging Wild Plants

with Alison & Becca

Saturday July 24th 9:30AM- 12:30(ish)PM

Davidsonville, MD

Come gather for an intro to Foraging Wild Plants. Not your usual foraging class, this is an opportunity to connect with the plant itself. Experience the magic of plant spirit medicine while learning about some of the common plants in the mid-Atlantic region. Those who wish to stay longer to process some of the plants are welcome.

  • Opening Circle & Introduction to the foraging process, safety & ethical gathering

  • Grounding Practice

  • Plant Walk with identification of no less than 8 plants

  • Connect energetically with plants & trees

  • Optional session of making something to take home - Wild yeast/herbal Mead (bring 1-2 cups of honey and a mason jar - Soda, tea and/or salve (bring quart size mason jar and/or small jar)

This is a love-offering/donation based event - all offerings go to planting of a new tree on the land we will be communing with! Email to reserve your spot. 

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