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Inner Nature

The Art of Healing & Transmutation
Discover your Inner Nature

"Balance is the totality of Who You Are."

~Ariel Spilsbury




Our mission at Inner Nature is to serve your awakening, personal transformations, well-being and ascension, guiding you as you discover & connect to Great Spirit, the Great Mystery and the divine nature of your own inner being. Your Inner Nature is your Essence Self - that spark of Light and Awareness beyond all roles, beliefs, and identities. Inner Nature helps you walk around the medicine wheel - we help you heal yourself. As you heal those old stories, you live your new story - embodying your true inner nature.

Inner Nature lights the path that connects you to the Eternal Heart Flames of Unconditional Love that heals and transmutes all beliefs based upon fear and limitation. This path is lit through co-creation, ceremony, healing sessions, intuitive guidance, spiritual coaching, and more. Healing and transformation occur inwards first, then reflect outwards. We meet you wherever you are in your journey, we hold space for your healing, we are a guiding light as you move through peaks and valleys of your shifts, and we honor your highest and greatest best. We offer a variety of private & group healing services, ceremonies & events and a physical space to find sanctuary within and with community. All practitioners who represent Inner Nature are conduits of healing, supporting you as you answer your mythic call and walk your Path of Destiny- the Path your Soul intended for you to walk when you arrived here on our Mother Earth, Pachamama.


Our vision is to co-create a community of Wayshowers on the path of Ascension and embodiment of each one's own divine inner nature, sharing the art of whole healing and transmutation. Together, we walk each other Home and cocreate the new myth.

Will you answer your Mythic Call? Your Soul’s invitation to Walk around the Medicine Wheel and Transform into your Wholeness?

Creator of Inner Nature

Paq'o / Shamanic Practitioner

Holy Fire Reiki Master

Quantum Light Healer

Intuitive Guide

Ascension Coach


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What are your intentions? How may we be of loving service to you? Let's connect & co-create.

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"Becca is a powerful Shamanic Practitioner with expertise in Quantum Healing and Ascension Guidance. She is a very well balanced and integrated healer who has a broad vision with extensive experience as well as being a high frequency channel and light for the world. She is a beautiful healer and would contribute immensely to any individual seeking light and guidance. "

~Mariah B