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Inner Nature

Connecting You with your Essence Self, your Divine Inner Nature

"Balance is the totality of Who You Are."

~Ariel Spilsbury



"With vision & hope, I dance & sing here for the One Heart!"

Greetings! My name is Becca and I’m pleased to introduce myself to you here. I hope to know you soon too! 


I have been fascinated by the human experience and dedicated to (re)discovering the totality of who we are as humans for over a decade. This lifestream is one of Awakening and Remembering. Awakening to and Remembering All that I AM. The veil of forgetting lifting as old beliefs based upon fear and limitation were tracked, loved, released & transmuted. Along this Walk, I’ve rediscovered inner gifts and fine-tuned them, becoming a Holy Fire Reiki Master, Animal Reiki Practitioner, Intuitive Guide, Channel & Healer, Ceremonialist, Sacred Flame Initiate, and Paqo - a mesa carrier and medicine woman of the Andean Q'ero lineage. These gifts of remembrance have helped me connect to my divine Inner Nature, remembering Who/What/All that I AM and what my energy does. The lessons continue, as I make my way around the medicine wheel again and again, eternally evolving, awakening and co-creating the New Myth.


It is a great passion and joy to be a medicine woman in loving, sacred service. Like an ancient tree, I AM a connector and a provider. I AM a Pillar of Light, here to link the Hanaqpacha (Heavens) to the Pachamama (Mother Earth), grounding and anchoring in Light and holding sacred space for you as you choose your Path of Destiny, the Path your Soul intends for you. I AM here to provide a connection to both your Sacred Allies and to your Essence Self, your Divine Inner Nature, as you learn to claim and hold that connection for yourself. I AM a presence that connects you to the Eternal Heart Flames of Unconditional Love that heals and transmutes all beliefs based upon fear and limitation. I AM a conduit of healing, here to help you discover and Remember Who/What/All You Are & what your energy does, to help you become your own healer and Rise into your Authenticity, Embodying your Divine Self. I serve as your loving guide for as long as you may need as you Walk the Path of Ascension and Return Home to your Essence Self.

Will you answer your Mythic Call? Your Soul’s invitation to Walk upon a Complete Healing Journey?

Let's Connect

What are your intentions? How may I be of loving service to you? Let's connect & co-create.

Thank you for connecting! I'll be in touch soon. 

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