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Serving as a Guiding Light as you Discover, Nurture, Embody + Express your Inner Nature

Rediscover. Return. Re-member.


About Inner Nature

Our mission is to inspire soul seekers to awaken & return to Happiness & Wholeness by honoring their earthly nature and divine holy nature. Together, we ground Heaven on Earth, inspiring Truth & Love

meet the soul sanctuary co-creators

meet the soul sanctuary's community leaders

Aya Goddess

Andrei Stoica

+ Qi Gong Teacher

+ Acupuncturist

+ Medical Qi Gong Practitioner

Andrei is an Energy Medicine practitioner focusing on Traditional Chinese Medicine. While he practices all five branches of Chinese Medicine (Bodywork, Herbs, Nutrition and lifestyle Coaching, Acupuncture, Medical Qigong) he specializes in Chinese Energetic Medicine or Medical Qigong. This practice allows him to 'tune into' the energetic layers of the body and help his patients understand how these layers are affecting their body, emotions, and mind. In addition to using energy medicine to treat conditions, Andrei is passionate about educating his patients on how to use and practice this for themselves.

Andrei’s interest in the Healing arts started at a young age when he began martial arts training. He then went on to study yoga and meditation, which led him to pursue a career in Chinese Medicine. He studied at Acupuncture and Integrative Medicine College (AIMC) in Berkeley, CA; Medical Qigong with Dr. Suzanne Friedman as well as with Dr Bernard Shannon at the International College of Medical Qigong; Medical Intuition with Carolyn Myss and Dr. Norm Shealy, and Visionary Craniosacral Work with Hugh Milne.


    Tim Hurley

    +  CMT, E-RYT 500

    + Certified Mindfulness Meditation Teacher & Yoga Therapist

    Tim teaches a gentle, introspective, and nurturing style of Gentle Mindful Yoga practice that emphasizes personal empowerment, healing, and mindful conscious transformation.


    Tim has offered Yoga and Mindfulness Meditation practices in nursing and rehabilitation facilities, in private retirement communities, and within college and university settings.


    He offers private Yoga and Mindfulness Meditation practice sessions to individuals and groups. You can contact him at


      Serena Rose

      + Certified Sex + Relationships Coach

      + Embodiment Guide

      + Tarot & Runes Reader

      As a child, I experienced a variety of unique experiences from trauma-based to spiritual occurrences that guided me to where I am now. On my path, I learned that sexual development and embodiment were catalysts for rapid healing. Now, I help singles and couples improve communication, understand their desires, honor their boundaries, and have mind blowing sex as a Sex & Relationships Coach. You can also find me leading workshops, embodiment practices, healing circles, and tarot/oracle readings.

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      Oso Blanco

      + Earth Guardian & Steward

      + Author

      + Native Landscape & Design Expert

      Oso Blanco became an Earth Guardian in 1973 after experiences with herb and plant medicines.

      A professional career in native landscape & design followed for over 50 years...while my time was spent transforming outdoor environments into tranquil Oasis. The evolution of this path evolved into ancient ceremonies...tea and tincture preparation...and permaculture perspectives.

      The Plants channel the Sun's Energy and are linked to the Stars and Universal Wisdom..and they help us hear Great Spirit's message...if we can listen.


        Rose Marie Davila

        + Rose Gold Hamsa Yoga

        + Ashtanga Yoga Instructor

        + Intuitive Guide 

        + Piano Instructor

        Rose Marie Davila has been practicing yoga since 2013 and received her certification in December of 2020. With a lineage of Ashtanga, she teaches a variety of classes incorporating different elements and styles. Rose’s classes are designed for all bodies and all levels. She finds joy in bringing and opening the true meaning of yoga to others to help connect the mind, body, and soul.

        Rose teaches Songbird Vinyasa, Ashtanga Yoga, Yin/Restorative, Gentle Flow & Vinyasa style yoga at the Soul Sanctuary. 

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        Aya Goddess

        + Licensed Aesthetician

        + Certified Herbalist

        + Paq'o/Mesa Carrier

        I am Chneer A.K.A. Aya Goddess; Aya is the highest form of my-self to bring peace and light where there was once darkness. Darkness was in my life so I named my highest self after the Babylonian Goddess Nin-Aya Goddess of dawn, beauty and charm as the morning maker.

        Throughout the years, I’ve struggled with stepping into motherhood and being a wife while not knowing who I AM. I’ve battled medical ailments such as PCOS. Like so many, doctors have prescribed medicines that dried all the nutrients from my body, vagina, skin and hair. Taking a more natural approach, I began diving deeply into herbal medicine with the thought “There has to be another way”.

        Now, as a licensed aesthetician, a certified herbalist, Paq’o/ Mesa carrier (of the Andean Shamanic Traditions) I welcome divine feminine energy, sharing and transforming ourselves to heal our womb trauma. An invitation to heal through our moon (menstrual) cycles, by rediscovering our wisdom, intuition and direction by planting seeds of consciousness within our sisterhood. Offering monthly sacred space to unlock the magick of our wombs, promoting self health practices to restore health and balance throughout our body.

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