Upcoming Events

February 2020

February 9th: Align

11:00AM -2:00 PM; "The Loft" 2009 Bank St. Baltimore, MD 21231

Align is a sacred space - a safe, judgement free zone - to talk about our triumphs and trials, share wisdom, discuss revelations of the universe and Life! A place to heal and evolve. A place to come together in flow, to be present, and create a conscious community.

Come and nourish your spirit with other like minded and like hearted souls.
Come and Align. Higher self. Brothers and Sisters. You.

Things to bring:
◦ Your beautiful self.
◦ Any (human) loved ones.
◦ An open heart.
◦ Vegan Dish to share in bounty with the community (Snack Potluck).

◦ Journal & Pen.
◦ Favorite floor pillow (for yourself).
◦ Personal Object to be Reiki Charged.

We will close the doors and begin promptly at 11:15AM. We look forward to co-creating and sharing beautiful, loving space with you!

Peace. Love. Gratitude.
Geoffrey & Becca

A couple extra notes:

The resident house pup, Khaleesi and resident house cat, Kitty Kat will likely be present, as they love to share in the loving, uplifting energy. Both are wonderfully sweet! Something to be mindful of though if you might have allergies.)

February 16th: Reiki Share

12:00-2:30 PM; "The Loft" 2009 Bank St. Baltimore, MD 21231


Come gather for a Reiki share! Reiki practitioners of all levels can practice their skill by sharing and receiving Reiki.

This Reiki share is also open to those who are interested in experiencing Reiki. We welcome you to come enjoy the relaxing, uplifting, and healing energies of Reiki! 


Come for cleansing, rejuvenation and healing! Enhance your practice and your personal life by giving and receiving Reiki.

This is a free event; however, love offerings are appreciated.

June 2020

June 1st-7th: Reiki Healing & Training Retreat!

Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica!

Join us in Costa Rica for a relaxing & illuminating experience! 5 days being held by Pachamama in her jungles, beaches and waterfalls as you become Reiki I & II Attuned and Certified! Integrate your healing and your upleveled energies, reconnecting with the pure essence of nature before returning home. :et's co-create an experience of a lifetime!

Click here for more details and to reserve your space now!

Early Bird Pricing through April 1st!


"The Loft"

A space for gathering, for connection, and for soul expansion. Inner Nature's home meditation, community & healing studio located in Upper Fell's Point in Baltimore. Align with harmony, tranquility, and serenity in the comforting and uplifting energy of "The Loft". 

 If you'd like to host a workshop or meditation, please email becca.innernature@gmail.com.

We look forward to connecting and sharing sacred space. Namaste.