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meet our partnered teacher:
Aya Goddess


Licensed Aesthetician | Certified Herbalist | 

Paq'o/Mesa Carrier

Aya Goddess

I am Chneer A.K.A. Aya Goddess; Aya is the highest form of my-self to bring peace and light where there was once darkness. Darkness was in my life so I named my highest self after the Babylonian Goddess Nin-Aya Goddess of dawn, beauty and charm as the morning maker.

Throughout the years, I’ve struggled with stepping into motherhood and being a wife while not knowing who I AM. I’ve battled medical ailments such as PCOS. Like so many, doctors have prescribed medicines that dried all the nutrients from my body, vagina, skin and hair. Taking a more natural approach, I began diving deeply into herbal medicine with the thought “There has to be another way”.

Now, as a licensed aesthetician, a certified herbalist, Paq’o/ Mesa carrier (of the Andean Shamanic Traditions) I welcome divine feminine energy, sharing and transforming ourselves to heal our womb trauma. An invitation to heal through our moon (menstrual) cycles, by rediscovering our wisdom, intuition and direction by planting seeds of consciousness within our sisterhood. Offering monthly sacred space to unlock the magick of our wombs, promoting self health practices to restore health and balance throughout our body.

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