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The Hummingbird's Nest

Updated: Jan 29

You may have noticed quite a few hummingbirds all over our website...

What's up with that?? Well, there's a sweet little story to the Hummingbird and Inner Nature.

First, though, you've got to know the significance of Hummingbird, especially to a medicine person

Years ago, Hummingbird became one of my animal allies. This sacred guide began teaching me along the road to mastery - for Hummingbird is the master of all fliers, able to fly forwards, backwards, side-to-side, and even attain stillness in flight. Hummingbird also teaches JOY - drinking the sweet nectar of the true flower of Life. Just as Hummingbird comes into stillness in flight to drink the nectar, we too learn how to find stillness - Presence - in all the steps of our journey, extracting the sweetness of life and filling with joy.

The Hummingbird Way can make good medicine out of any situation - no matter how sweet or sour it may seem. Travelling in all directions - past, present, parallel, future - we can journey, fly, like Hummingbird to any place, any timeline, and heal these points. Meet, and re-member, ourselves, again and again, by bringing the sweetness of these aspects of ourselves home to our hearts. The Hummingbird Way is the Path of the Taripaypacha - the Age of Meeting Ourselves Again. We come home, finally, to our Sacred Heart. We belong, within. We ARE home. And finally knowing that in every cell of our being changes the way we think, speak, and act in our world. This is the New Myth - that way of being beyond the myth of the Hero's Journey. Evolution of consciousness, into the unknown, the Great Mystery.

Hummingbird may be tiny, though her medicine is enormous, profound, and heart activating. Hummingbird is the one who SUCCEEDS in the hero's journey....Those in Peru/Ecuador have the ability to survive the high altitude and temperature extremes of the Andes. Our local Ruby Throated Hummingbirds migrate approximately 500 miles nonstop over the Gulf of Mexico, and travelling over 3,000 miles total in their migrations. This tiny bird answers the call of destiny and faces seemingly insurmountable challenges along the flight. And yet they return, year after year. The Hummingbird has mastered the Hero's Journey, and mythically, she knows what's beyond. We weren't meant to loop the Hero's Journey myth eternally...Hummingbird holds keys of wisdom to succeed in our own hero's journey, and then go beyond...explore the New Myth.

And these are just the beginning of Hummingbird's wisdom teachings for me since our agreement as allies commenced. Each day I remind myself to pause, drink from the sweet nectar of the flower of life, and return to my Heart. As I remember, I return to my life transformed. Each day I remember to embody her medicine and way more and more, and how I think, speak and act shifts...elevates.


To honor Hummingbird, and our relationship, of course you'll find Inner Nature's Soul Sanctuary sprinkled with Hummingbird totems. You might stop by on a mid-summer's day and spot Geoffrey and I rocking on the front porch, hummingbird-watching, marvelling at their splendour. You'll also hear me acknowledge Siwar Q'enti - the Royal Hummingbird - in ceremony. And of course, the best way to honor the relationship with any animal ally is to embody their wisdom and teachings.

Fast forward a few years to a brilliant, warm summer's morning. An outdoor sound bath and gratitude gathering is coming to a close.

The maple leaves gently whisper with the breeze, the songbirds sing in response, and the sun invigorates all life, adding to the connective feel of the moment. The beloveds gathered have an opportunity to share their experience of the sound bath and gratitude gathering. A dear contributor to our soul community takes me by surprise and shares how she sees Inner Nature:

For her, it's as if all who come to Inner Nature's Soul Sanctuary are little hummingbirds,

each on their own unique evolutionary quest. The Soul Sanctuary is like a hummingbird's nest, a place for these little hummingbirds to pause and rest, be nurtured, and come to the flowers within and all around the nest, filling up with that sweet nectar..all the little hummingbirds receiving and filling with sweetness, a sacred pause, the wisdom that comes with drinking that mythical elixir, the vitality to succeed in one's hero's journey and go beyond.

Then, filled with nectar, the little hummingbirds are prepared to go out into the world with more energy, inspiration, wisdom and purpose and through all the ways they engage with the world, they share their sweetness, presence, joy and love.

Those who come here receive what their soul needs to sustain their path -

the service and missions each soul is meant to fulfil. And oh the ways each of us are called to serve - it's an infinite tapestry! Whether that's as a healer, a lawyer, a mother, a father, a friend, a neighbor, a chef, an executive, a coach, a teacher, a therapist, a librarian, a construction worker, a bartender, a doctor, a nanny, an activist, a grandmother, a grandfather, a midwife, a manager, a son, a daughter, a technician, a farmer, a shopkeeper, a nurse, a sister, a brother, a student, a plumber, an electrician, a photographer....the list goes on and on and on. For it doesn't matter our roles in the world - we effect change by the way in which we show up in the world. How we think, speak, act.

As you give your rapidly beating little wings a rest at the Soul Sanctuary and fill up with that sweet nectar,

you then can show up to all your roles, all your moments, all your challenges and all your opportunities in life as your best self - the Royal Hummingbird in you. You can find the vitality and resilience to spread your wings on the Hero's Journey - and succeed! And then, Hummingbird can herald you into the New Myth. Teach you these new ways of being. All the while, you're supported by like-hearted community in the Hummingbird's Nest - Inner Nature's Soul Sanctuary.

It won't be long before all of us little Hummingbirds are taking flight for the biggest migration of all...a migration of consciousness into the New Myth.

That sweet, resilient, mythical Hummingbird is all over our website as a symbol of our vision and of our dear soul sister's metaphor of how Inner Nature serves our community. Thank you, sister.

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