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Hey there!

My name is Geoffrey, but you can call me G.

I've been blessed to help guide and mentor growth-seekers and wandering warriors in discovering Peace, Purpose, & Power in their lives - and what a journey it is!
With my expertise in integrated massage and stretch therapy plus personal training, transformational life coaching and emotional intelligence - plus numerous other modalities - I've been able to assist beautiful souls in their path of evolution.

Click a link, and let's work together to unlock your full potential!

1-on-1 Services

Co-Owner & Co-Creator of

Inner Nature's Soul Sanctuary

Join our community of like-hearted soul-seekers and growth seekers today! Within Work-&-Play-Shops & Community Connection you'll find all you'll need to meet us in person.
Let's deepen in Connection, open in Expression, & inspire each other to reach new heights!
Click the links to learn more and become a part of the community 
- one where you belong!


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