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meet the foundation of Inner Nature

we serve your transformation in the Light

We were born of Earth & stardust, with a sacred song woven into the makeup of our soul. A song that sings the melodies of our Authentic Self + true purpose in this life and harmonizes with all other unique melodies of the songs of all our brothers + sisters.

Many of us have forgotten how to sing our songs, the celebrations of our unique Life expressed. The forgetting often transpires early in childhood, +  we begin to force ourselves to sing the songs that we are told are right, important + that will lead to happiness or just mere survival. We sing song after song, putting on mask after mask. Before we know it, decades have gone by...and do we know who we are? Are we living life with purpose, joy, passion, love? Why did we mute our song and place on the masks? Can we take them off, and become who we were born to be?

Inner Nature is for you if...

- you have felt that whisper in your heart of hearts that there is more to life

- you believe that there is some kind of higher power out there, yet the religion(s) you've experienced doesn't feel right for you

- you're ready to remove your masks, even if it feels scary

- you have physical ailments you desire to mend

- you have emotional wounds you desire to heal

- you know there is more to this reality than just the physical

- you desire to awaken + expand your consciousness

- you desire to discover your inner nature

- you desire to heal your inner child

- you desire a safe space to unveil + express who you are

- you desire to clear + purify your physical, mental, emotional, + spiritual bodies

- you desire to nourish your body, mind + spirit

- you desire to retrieve part of your Soul + return to Wholeness

- you desire deep, authentic, heart connection with the Earth, your community, the Divine, + yourSelf

- you've been on a path of awakening, healing, remembering and transformation, + you desire expansion + soul support as you continue

- you desire to Remember who you really are, realize your full potential + become who you were born to be

- you desire to walk your path of Ascension

- you desire to return to Ayni (right relation) with all your relations

if any of the above resonates, let's connect. We love to help you heal yourself.

"we're all just walking each other home" ~Ram Dass

meet inner nature's co-creators

About Us

Empowering you to Discover your Inner Nature

We are here to provide a haven + sacred space - a soul sanctuary - where you can experience a deep exhalation, expansive joy, a compassionate embrace; helping you embody your highest potential + true inner nature.

Dedicated to cultivating a space of sacred remembrance of the truest parts of your soul, we help you awaken your limitless potential through a variety of healing practices, soul coaching, and community gatherings. Love in action, we help you engage all of your senses, open your mind + heart, and find + walk your path - your true north.


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Would you like to offer a class, workshop or playshop at the Soul Sanctuary? We'd love to connect and learn about you and the medicines you offer.

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