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Cacao Ceremony Preparations

Updated: 2 days ago

Greetings, beloved!

I am excited to meet you and commune together in sacred ceremony! Cacao is a beautiful plant spirit full of heart medicine. A wonderful ally to grow in love and appreciation of oneself, one's communities, and Spirit. May she ignite your heart in profound ways.

I found this general blog post to be easier for you to refer to prior to any Cacao Ceremony. Less emails in your inbox, and easy reference any time!

Here are important details for our evening together:

Please bring to ceremony:

~ A mug for cacao

~ Water

~ A journal & pen

~a sacred item to charge on the altar

~ a drum or rattle if you have one

Cacao Prep:

1. Drink **LOTS** of water between now and ceremony!!!

2. If possible, eat a plant based diet the day of ceremony.

3. If possible, completely abstain from caffeine the day of ceremony (yep, coffee included). If not possible, reduce your normal caffeine intake and drink even more water.

4. If you are pregnant, or taking any type of SSRI or antidepressant, please let me know (of course only if you feel comfortable) and limit the amount of cacao that you drink at first (ask me to pour you a smaller dose), and drink extra water prior!

5. If possible, hold off on eating anything more than a piece of fruit/light snack within a few hours of ceremony.

We are drinking Cacao in medicinal quantities. The above recommendations are there to help you maximize your experience with Grandmother Cacao. However, these are simply recommendations and none are required to receive this beautiful plant medicine!

Most importantly, I invite you to come with an open mind and an open, curious heart. The medicine for our shared afternoon will meet you exactly where you are.

General Reflections:

An optional opportunity to contemplate these reflections prior to, or during, ceremony.

~Where am I upon my journey?

~What are my intentions for receiving Cacao?

~What guidance does my Highest Self have for me in this moment?

~What guidance does the Spirit of Cacao have for me in this moment?

~How might I express my appreciation and gratitude?

If you're curious A little about Ceremonial Cacao:

Theobroma (cacao) -- "Food of the Gods". Cacao has been utilized for over 4,000 years, and originates from deep tropical regions of Mesoamerica. When consumed mostly raw and without added sugar, Cacao is a superfood (the most pharmacologically complex food in nature), packed with beneficial minerals, antioxidants, nutrients and neuro-chemicals that beneficially affect our bodies and minds. Cacao is gentle, yet potent in creating an uplifting state of being. The mild bitterness of ceremonial Cacao also serves to cleanse the liver and/or release emotions. The alkaloid content of pure cacao boosts circulation and absorption of nutrients. The cacao butter, which (unlike processed chocolate) is not separated, also helps deliver the nutrients to the body and helps the body absorb them. Cacao has therapeutic benefits, including creating new neural pathways that change one's daily experience to include more joy, love, and connection. High quality cacao increases blood flow, mood elevation, relaxes the muscular system and opens a more expanded state of consciousness. When working with ceremonial doses of Cacao, your blood flow may increase by up to 30%, meaning that more blood (life force energy) is moving through your body and nourishing each and every one of your systems. This is just a small overview of the many nourishing and healing qualities of Grandmother Cacao. As you work with this medicine, you'll notice how she is connecting with you and assisting you along your Walk (physically, mentally, and spiritually).

It is a gift to share in sacred ceremony! I am honored to be a conduit for this sacred medicine and to share her with you. If you have any questions, I invite you to send me an email at

See you in ceremony, beloved!

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