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Happy Love Day!

This week, I hope you celebrate Love. Love of yourself, Love of Spirit, and Love of All Your Relations.

How might you enjoy a moment to give yourself Love?

Perhaps speak kindly to yourself. Give yourself the gift of enjoying an activity that lights up your heart - whether a bath, a walk in the woods, dancing to your favorite jams, singing your heart out, or something you loved as a child. Love yourself first.

How might you express your Love to Spirit?

Prayers of gratitude? An offering to the Earth? Maybe also by spreading Love out into the world.

Love is within all the communities we are interwoven with, however big of small.

Give a stranger a smile. Take care of someone's coffee behind you in line. Give a friend a big hug. Call a family member, or a friend that you may have lost touch with. And if you're sharing part of your life with a romantic partner, how can you express your love to your beloved?

Our thoughts, words and actions have ripple effects in the entire web of creation...let's send out waves of love!

I see Valentine's Day, and the month of February, as a time to share Love unconditionally, to practice that way of being. I don't buy into all the jazz about the flowers and candies and everything the advertisements try and get me to believe. It is just about pure Love. Loving Yourself...Loving Spirit...Loving All Your Relations.

I wish you blessings of unconditional love, and a bursting open of your Heart. May we dance together in the web of creation!
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