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How to Recenter when Overwhelmed

Have you ever felt like tearing your hair out, wiping everything on your desk off to the floor, or so overwhelmed you felt stifled, almost frozen and lost in a palpably painful and seemingly endless moment?

I have been there many times throughout life - too many to count! Yet once I acknowledged my overwhelm, became conscious of it, I always had a way out to calm and reorient my downward trajectory.

4 Simple Steps to Re-Centering Myself in Joy & Purpose

These 4 simple steps allow me to come back into alignment, and destress enough, refocusing my lens of reality on a more positive and productive paradigm. Allowing me to be solution and service focused over the potential disaster spiral and limbo stalemate.


Tidy Up! Physically & Digitally.

Get some fresh air! Move that body.

Put down all media. No news, no phone.

Spend time interacting with a friend.


Now, one doesn’t have to do all of these, necessarily, to return to center, sometimes all I need is to take a break and tidy up my space. Be that a digital space, full of scattered notes, overflowing emails, papers on my desk, or things simply left out instead of being put away.

If you’ve ever seen Bruce Almighty, with Morgan Freeman and Jim Carry, you may recall the scene where they begin to mop an entire 2000+ sq/ft floor. That simple and methodical act of tidying up, cleaning any grime* off the floors, built up residue in the showers, can assist one to enter a meditative state of ‘no thought’. And having a fresh new place at the end, as multiple studies have shown, can greatly affect the energy of one within the space.

FYI, I recommend starting with physical clutter before digital.

*grime can be dirt, hairs, and skin cells, it doesn’t have to be something of unknown origin where you shriek and ask a friend for help. :P

Whatever steps you need to take, remember, whether it’s a full house cleanse, time dancing in nature, or puppy/friend love, if you focus on being present in them, you will make the necessary shift back to ease & center.

Are you ready to thrive?
I invite you to follow these practices any time you feel overwhelmed, and after you reflect on the changes, let me know how you feel! :D
Blessings and Love,

~ G

InfoGraphic from @thefabstory .

I laughed when I came upon this image in my daily practice, for it summed up exactly what I do when I feel overwhelmed. Validation from an app of behavioral science indeed felt wonderful. Haha!

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