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work with Becca

Empower your Life.

Embody your Inner Nature



The shamanic practitioner works in an altered state of consciousness to support your healing and restore balance. Becca is a paq'o initiated and trained in the Andean mountain traditions.

shamanic healing assists you in:

-releasing heavy, dense, negative energy

-connecting to one's essence

-connecting with Allies/Guides (i.e. power animal)

-retrieving aspects of one's soul

-weaving new pathways to Wholeness

-a deeper connection to Self and Spirit

-greater harmony in life

-reclaiming your power


Holy Fire Reiki is like a massage for your soul. Reiki can empower any intention and promotes relaxation, healing and increased wellness of body, mind and spirit.

Reiki can help:
-decrease pain
-relief from anxiety, stress
-uplift mood, feelings of peace, love and/or joy
-empower intentions
-increase vitality

-relaxation to soften resistances
-increase self-esteem and confidence
-deepen connection with Self and Spirit



One of Becca's gifts is both her words, inspired by Cacao and Spirit, as well as creating beautiful, safe, expansive spaces for beloveds to follow her guiding light & more importantly, their own inner guiding light. Cacao conversations inspire your own inner exploration and revelation of the mystery and your true purpose on this planet. Cacao amplifies this process and gently opens the heart, which contains the answers to our soul's yearnings.

Cacao Conversations helps you:

-open to soul coaching in a safe, conversational and inspired space

-open and anchor into the heart

-ground into your body, heart and soul
-receive answers to your heart's questions

-receive clarity on your Divine Path/Soul's Purpose & how to embody it
-feel empowered to take action, manifesting your soul's desires


Ceremony brings the Sacred into ordinary life, supporting you in navigating change, welcoming new cycles, and connecting in community. A private ceremony is specifically created for you based on your current intentions, desires and themes.

Ceremonial Cacao helps you:

-improve food, focus, clarity

-enhance creativity

-increase energy + vitality

-deepen in meditation, communion with the Divine

-open the heart

-experience bliss



Quantum Healing involves prayer work, shamanic healing, Reiki, crystal healing + sound frequency all working harmoniously with your spirit/energy body in the quantum field, invoking deep shifts along your pathways to Wholeness.

OPL quantum healing assists you with:

-inner alchemy: changing your life from the inside out

-connecting to one's true essence

-clearing false/inorganic blueprints in your energy field

-align + strengthen your connection to True Light and Source Itself

-aligning with your Soul + Sacred Destiny

-internal upgrades

-transmutation of negative/limiting beliefs, traumas, fears


Nature holds the highest frequencies; Healing Hikes open the door to connect with yourSelf and continue your healing journey. We will journey to a specific locale, find a sit spot, and engage in a personal Cacao Ceremony and engage in Earth based practices that anchor you into your body and heart.

healing hikes assists you in:

-connecting with Pachamama

-connecting with your Inner Essence & the Silence of your heart

-receiving direct revelations

-feeling grounded and inspired

-connecting with plant + animal allies

-greater harmony in life


Love Yourself into Wholeness

Through Earth and Light based practices that honor the highest good of all.

We joyfully serve your becoming.



"Becca is a powerful Shamanic Practitioner with expertise in Quantum Healing and Ascension Guidance. She is a very well balanced and integrated healer who has a broad vision with extensive experience as well as being a high frequency channel and light for the world. She is a beautiful healer and would contribute immensely to any individual seeking light and guidance."

Mariah B

"Always an amazing journey with the beautiful soul that is Becca! The body is only as healthy as the soul and mind. Becca's sound bathes and other meditative journeys help in more ways than one can count."

Mark B

"In going through the four week session of Inner Alchemy with Becca, I felt a transformation within myself that I could not have even imagined. Through the four weeks, we had four different sessions that were relevant to the issues and headspaces that I was working through. I felt as though each session led me to a different place and new steps in my journey at this time in my life. In addition to the sessions, I received empowering questions and affirmations each week that I could think about through the week and meditate on. I always felt that the questions and affirmations were very relevant and helpful to whatever I was dealing with or thinking through that week. Throughout the entire month I felt so guided and supported by Becca and never felt alone through the process. I felt comfortable to share any of my thoughts with her and always felt heard when sharing my experiences and emotions with her. I came out of this month and process more sure of myself and my spiritual journey, and in a way much more prepared for this next chapter of my life. I would highly recommend doing Inner Alchemy with Becca to anyone looking for any guidance in their journey."

Rachel B
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