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The Now Moment

An excerpt from my journal... (8/20/2022)



Time is being presented to me old, straggling, limiting belief. Structures around time are cracking and breaking - Hummingbird confirms with a buzz of his wings - as shown to me by my driving yesterday. Anchored in yesterday and tomorrow, there's barely any room for now. Pick up and reel in the anchors...smooth sailing, from now moment to now moment. Perhaps, that's what I'm experiencing now, with my driving... "forgetting" the roads - where they lead, the houses that adorn each side, the flora and fauna - driving them as if totally new. And knowing my destination and that the path I am on is right...yet the road suddenly, seemingly, unknown. A turn made known when needed. Crows are chattering. And as I see how these old time constructs have been shown to me - this past month especially...Yes, I can shed my past and tomorrow, anchoring into them only when a visitation is relevant for the Now Moment. I feel tired because my yesterdays have been full...yet might I shift? If I loosen my anchor to that which made me feel tired in my recent yesterdays...can I tap into energy I've held all along? Vitality only known when one is Here and Now? Perhaps resistance, an energy sucker as deadly as a vampire, is rooted only in yesterdays and tomorrows...or mostly.

Being rooted in Here and Now...might it be more simple, fluid, to honor and nourish my beautiful vessel, sweet body? Or to step into the relevant action, along the winding road of our Dreams and Divine Purposes...knowing we're on the right road even if it seems unfamiliar (yet we've been there before)...that the now moment relevant actions open the doors, pathways, which were the Winding Road all along, taking me to the sacred dreams I'm dreaming and have yet to fathom?

Shifting, shifting. I feel it. Subtle and gigantic all at once.

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