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Tupay, Taqe, Tinquy

Miro ojo a ojo


Con un Q'ero

Miles de caras, miles de vidas

Mirándome fijamente

Mientras su Corazón

Por palabras, presencia y medicina

Recuérdale a mi Corazón

Que todos somos Uno

Cada uno somos

La Medicina

Soy la Medicina

Mientras Pachamama me abraza

Y Gran Espíritu danza sobre y dentro de mi

Acepto este Verdad

Urpillay Sonqoyay


I look a Q'ero

Deep in the eyes

Many faces, many lives

Looking back into mine

As his Heart

Through words, presence and medicine

Remind my Heart

We are all One

We each are

The Medicine

I am the Medicine

As Pachamama holds me

And Spirit dances within and around me

I accept this Truth

Urpillay Sonqoyay

We were abundant in gifts all along our Journey throughout Cusco and Puno. One of the greatest for me, death and rebirth. I hold great gratitude and love for this man, this beautiful Paq'o, Julio/Mauqi. Together we embraced and embodied Otorongo, as Pumahuanca held us. The gifts of being an allyu, of receiving, accepting, embracing the Munay of Pachamama, of Great Spirit, of all our spirit allies, and of our fellow brothers and sisters. Urpillay Sonqoyay 💜

💜 Munay Munay Munay 💜

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Thank you for sharing 💜 so beautiful, so meaningful 💜

Becca Steinbach
Becca Steinbach
Oct 30, 2022
Replying to

You’re welcome! I’m happy it resonates 🥰

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